Iben’s Report from Skrænten, Aabenraa, DNK, August 23rd 2015.

Iben's Notes from Casino Voltaire:

I think it would be helpful to categorize the interactions according to whether or not I initiate a debate about the casino. 
If I don't: 
It seems that people view it as a finished installation and do not try to engage in the activities laid out or ask about what to do.
If I do:
Then there are a variety of interactions, which have led to one game being played so far. [It seems that] people are wary about the prospect of winning art, and some even respond to my explanations with skepticism as if we are trying to fool them. Others again are very interested in the forfeits (even more than the prizes at times) and what others have staked. This aspect seems to fascinate immensely and even though people might not play, they talk about what they might put in the pot.
Some, encouraged by their wives, have talked about domestic chores, a few have talked about forfeits that challenge them in some way, and most have not been able to think of anything specific or will not talk about it. And then, when I think I [have] convinced them to play, they just smile a bit and walk away. They want to talk about it and are interested, but the concept of actually playing seems farfetched somehow. So they did not play, but have engaged in the casino in some way anyhow.
Games played, Saturday 21st August
Game 1:
Jeanette Søndergaard's forfeit: "I am going to bring my friend here, because she needs to see this exhibition"
Torben's forfeit: A limerick (!) about Aabenraa
We played ludo and Jeanette won Sabrina Barrios' drawing. Torben wanted to win the last of Marcus Herschbach's works, but lost.
Game 2:
Torben's forfeit: To cook dinner for the family (which his really bad at), wanted to win Markus' work, but lost at black jack (best out of five).
Game 3:
Jeanette's forfeit: To write a love poem (she has never done because they always seem to turn out really cheesy), wanted to win Markus' work and won at drawing cards (best of three).
Game played Sunday 22nd August
Game 1:
Alberte's (kid) forfeit: To help her mother remove weeds from the garden, wanted to win Gabrieles box of aeroplain photos and won (photo attached) at ludo.

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