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Reflections on Aabenraa

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As an emerging artist I found Aabenraa Artweek 2015 an immersive and majorly practice informing experience. Having the chance to work in proximity to many mid-career artists who are creating conceptually acute work though a multitude of processes was invaluable to my own personal and professional development.

The young and talented support team who facilitated my project (Casino Voltaire), with backgrounds in performance design and language psychology, acted as mediators, engaging the public and breaking down language barriers. This was essential as conversation was core to the project which asked any citizen of Aabenraa and Flensburg who engaged with it to consider and converse around topics such as value, exchange, and trust. They entered into a dialogue by playing Casino Voltaire in a game to win art donated by the Aabenraa Artweek artists. To play for the art the participant had to stake a non-monetary forfeit. This challenge raised interesting questions within the cultural context.

Insights gathered through public interaction through this method of experiential learning, such as a one hundred percent follow through on the performance and documentation of forfeits, could be measured against future iterations of the project in another cultural context.

An image gallery for Casino Voltaire at Aabenraa Artweek 2015 can be found here.

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